Kasper In The Glitter Philip Ridley

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Kasper In The Glitter  by  Philip Ridley

Kasper In The Glitter by Philip Ridley
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This is the sole book that got me into reading. I was in year 3, and my teacher, Mr Anally read this to our class. It was amazing. I used to think I was the girl in it, who cuts off all her hair to get a boy to leave her alone, and for a time I was tempted to cut off all my hair - although Im very glad I didnt actually do it.I was a very late reader, and I refused to go near books before this.After Id remembered what it was, years later, I was determined to find it, but of course, the book was out of print by then.

And then, by chance, I saw it in a second-hand bookshop.I would recommend it to anyone who loves quirky stories. It might be a bit young for older teenagers, like I am now - unless you have some attachment to the story like me.

But for younger readers its perfect. Or even if you just want an easy read, this is a brilliant book. And Ill always remember it as the book that changed my life.

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