Introducing Valjeanne Jeffers as The Teller - Episode 8 K. Leslie Graves



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Introducing Valjeanne Jeffers as The Teller - Episode 8  by  K. Leslie Graves

Introducing Valjeanne Jeffers as The Teller - Episode 8 by K. Leslie Graves
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Despite the regular communication disruptions from the solar flares, spaceships continued to arrive at the twin space station. With the mining escalating on Earth Moon Colony One there was money to be made. The free miners mixed regularly with the early release prisoners who were distinguished by both their attire and by the ankle bracelets they were required to wear.There was no real fear that early release miners would escape, because if they tried to hide on board an earth bound ship they would be detected.

Life on the Moon’s surface and in the mines was harsh. In contrast to all this, the Twin Space Station Free Zone was a virtual paradise.Because of the planned lack of Government regulation there, not only was there plenty of free enterprise money to fund the Earth Moon Colony operations and the Twin Space Stations, but there was plenty of money for the vices mankind had come to depend on since his inception.Besides the hordes of free miners and the early release prisoner workers, there was a sleuth of military troops and government officials.

The number of “hollies” or people on holiday at the Free Zone outnumbered all of the others. Free enterprise had already succeeded, even before the Earth Moon Colony One was completed, to build an entirely new world on the combination of Space Stations. What was the cost? While the funds from the Free Zone funded everything, the Twin Space Stations appeared to operate at cross purposes. Each worked, insidiously to undermine the other.Gambling was non-stop. The drug dens operated freely. The mixed martial arts games were deadly and the sex trade was in full force, and taken to an all new level.Except for the “squares” on the command space station operated by Naija, Dr.

Snipes and their crew, it was said that on Earth Moon Colony One, everyone was always a little high and everyone was a little horny. The appetites of anyone could be fed there, readily, so there was no overwhelming desire to leave, in fact, it was just the opposite.

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