The Farewell Kid Barbara Wersba

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The Farewell Kid  by  Barbara Wersba

The Farewell Kid by Barbara Wersba
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I read this when I was probably 11 or 12 and way too young to be reading it. My mom picked it out for me at the library because it had a pets sticker on it and I loved dogs.Whoooo boy. If she had ANY IDEA, she would never have let me read it. Its about a seventeen-year-old girl named Heidi Rosenbloom who, fed up with her mother who doesnt understand her, moves out while her mom is out of town. She rents an abandoned barber shop with the intention of starting a pet adoption business.She soon meets a really weird rich guy named Harvey Beaumont, who really rubs her the wrong way at first.

Eventually they start a kind of romance and she ends up losing her virginity to him in the barbershop. This is the part that really made an impression on me as a young kid. Then she sends a telegram to her best friend telling her how awesome it was.This book was not a great work of literature. Its not even a particularly good one. But I had almost no information of any kind about sexuality before I read it. While it wasnt graphic, it seemed honest enough, and Im glad I read it.

It will always hold a very special place in my heart for this reason.

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