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Sir Antselot  by  Robert Melloni

Sir Antselot by Robert Melloni
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I was hooked after reading the first paragraph of this adventurous tale and so was my eight year old daughter. Sir Antselot is fun to read and full of wonderful life lessons. Troy Mott - Editor and Co-Founder Moff Press Can two tiny ants survive a very big adventure? They can if they use their extraordinary talents. A worker ant named Enah and a drone, Antselot, are born on the very same day, but that’s about all they have in common.

But that doesn’t stop them from teaming up to try to save the entire ant colony. Sir Antselot is the action-packed, wildly inventive adventure story by author Robert Melloni for children ages seven and up that follows the incredible escapades of two unlikely friends and teaches children about the power of teamwork.

From the first moments of life, it’s clear that Antselot and Enah are two very different kinds of ant. Strong and determined, Antselot cracks open his eggshell in mere seconds. Enah, however, is frail and artistic, and her talent of seeing beauty won’t help her break free. If it weren’t for Antselot’s help, she would never have seen the light of day. While Antselot rises in ant society, Enah gets assigned to the lowest chores. As Enah struggles in her lowly assignment, Antselot is slotted to become the Lord Protector, which entails rigorous training with his mentor to prepare for the job.

Elsewhere, King Mobius the spider and his queen are spinning a sinister plan to use the ants as food for their large brood of soon-to-be-hatched spiders. Their plot will lead to the destruction of the entire the colony. When Enah becomes dangerously entangled in the spider’s scheme, her friend Antselot is off to the rescue. As the spiders’ perilous plot thickens, the ants discover it will take both of them to save the colony.

Sir Antselot is a powerful, timeless story of how big things happen in small places.

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